Orientation Information

Residential College students arriving for their first year at Trinity– known as ‘freshers’ –come into residence one week before University classes begin in order to participate in an organised program of orientation activities (called O-Week).

O-week is an important step in welcoming new students into the Trinity community, helping them become familiar with their new surroundings and enabling them to meet and make friends with their fellow students. It is an extremely busy but memorable week, at the end of which students start classes already able to recognise friendly faces among the much larger University community.

The O-Week program varies slightly from year to year but is always is packed with exciting activities organised by the student leadership body, the Trinity College Associated Clubs (TCAC) Committee, which usually selects a theme for the week.

Each new student is paired with a ‘buddy’ – a Trinity student in second year or above, who helps them settle in during the first few weeks, and who can be called upon after that time to help with any aspect of College life.

All students also receive a copy of the Residential Handbook which contains key information on all facets of College life.