Health & Wellbeing

To truly enjoy your university experience, you want to feel good and function well.


Trinity College has a whole team of staff who are experts at guiding and supporting young adults who may be dealing with medical or emotional issues. You can feel assured you won’t fall through the cracks, because there is always someone trustworthy looking out for you. 

There's always support on hand 

At Trinity College, we have a residential tutor and student coordinator in every corridor whose role is to be there for you if you need to chat and who will offer guidance if you have any worries. As well as being chosen for their leadership abilities, these students are all trained in first aid.

We have staff on duty each evening and weekend, meaning there is always someone to turn to for advice or support, as well as trained health and career advisory professionals.

The University of Melbourne has a health centre and counselling service, and, while we hope you won't need it, the Royal Melbourne Hospital is just across the road. 

Our wellbeing program also includes workshops such as 'girl chats' and 'bro chats' where students get together and have honest conversations about any challenges they might be facing. 


Get involved with our wellbeing committee

Our wellbeing committee organises events and activities throughout the year to support students physically and emotionally. Their work helps create a real sense of support around the college – it's nice to feel so well looked after. 

The committee also helps run wellbeing week each semester, which focuses on a particular theme, such as self-love and individuality.

We have plenty of other clubs and committees and sports teams you can join too.