Frequently asked questions

Your questions about living on campus answered.

What's the best Melbourne University college?

We hear this question a lot. And while we may be a little biased, we think it’s Trinity of course! The best way to decide is to see for yourself though. We have a number of open days scheduled where you can get a tour of Trinity College with our dean, as well as the official University of Melbourne Open Day.

  • Thursday 27 June 2019 from 10–11.15am
  • Trinity College and University of Melbourne Open Day: Sunday 18 August from 10am–4pm.
  • Friday 27 September 2019 from 10–11.15am (for your convenience this tour has been set on the AFL Grand Final holiday).

It’s best to register first on our website so we can send you more details closer to the date, otherwise you can just show up.

If you’re unable to attend one of these dates, please email admissions@trinity.unimelb.edu.au and we can arrange another time.

Why live on campus?

There are so many benefits to living at college while at uni. Everything is here.

Food, friends, sport, wellbeing programs, study support, social events, clubs and societies, career advice, nurses, inspiring guest speakers and valuable alumni networks. Plus you’ll live right next door to the university so you won’t waste any time commuting.

At Trinity you will live in a close-knit community where most people know each other on a first name basis and people look out for you.

Is it cheaper to live on campus or off campus?

It may seem like there are more affordable student accommodation options around, but it’s worth remembering that once you’ve paid your college fees, they cover just about everything. All meals, utilities, wifi, weekly tutorials, wellbeing programs, careers counselling, entertainment, sport participation and gym membership is included. You won’t need extra cash for parking or transport to uni either because your lectures are just a few minutes’ walk away.

There are also plenty of things you can’t put a price on at college that you probably won’t find elsewhere, such as the lasting friendships and invaluable social and career networks you’ll make with people all around the world. Trinity isn’t just a place where you live for a couple of years, it’s a strong and supportive community that you join for life.

Is living on campus worth it?

Living on campus in a residential college could be one of the best decisions you ever make. While it’s not for everyone, if you’re the type who is interested in lifelong learning, cares about your results, loves getting involved in events and activities, and enjoys meeting new people, we’re sure you’ll love college life. Many of our students say it makes their university experience so much better as they’re always surrounded by friends and can access support when they need it. Living at college means you’ll never feel isolated and you can’t underestimate the convenience of living next door to the university and having all your meals prepared for you every day!

How much is it to live at Trinity College?

Does Trinity have residential college scholarships?

We sure do. Trinity has a generous pool of scholarships on offer every year, ranging from a few thousand dollars to full fee remission. Up to a third of our students receive some level of financial assistance, so it’s perfectly normal to get help paying college fees if you need it. Find out what you may be eligible for on our scholarships page.

What is O-Week?

O-Week stands for orientation week and is traditionally the first week of the university year when first year students (called ‘freshers’) learn all about university and college life. There’s a smaller mid-year O-Week too.

Trinity College O-Week includes a packed program of fun events that are both educational and social, meaning you’ll get to understand how uni works while also making friends with fellow students. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know the campus, sign up for clubs, sport and other activities, learn about our academic and wellbeing programs, get a run down of our student policies, and attend parties and events. O-Week is student run, so every year is a little bit different, but it’s always a lot of fun.

At Trinity College, we are committed to ensuring O-Week is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

How do I apply for Trinity College?

University of Melbourne college applications are submitted through colleges.unimelb.edu.au Fill in the online application and make sure you select Trinity College as your first preference. See our apply page for more information.

When do I find out if I got in to Trinity?

After submitting your application you’ll be invited to have an interview with our admissions team. We then need to wait to see if you’ve been accepted into the University of Melbourne before offering you a place. This usually happens sometime in December.

How long are college semesters?

The residential college year covers two 18-week semesters, and this is what your annual fees cover.

Can I stay at college during the semester breaks?

Students are expected to pack up their room in the mid-year and end of year holiday break. You can request to stay over the holiday period for an extra cost during the June/July non-teaching period. You’ll stay in the same room for the whole year, unless otherwise arranged.

Can I join Trinity College mid-year?

It’s possible to join (or leave) Trinity mid-year. Contact admissions@trinity.unimelb.edu.au for information about how to apply for second semester entry.

What types of people live at Trinity College?

We have a diverse student group at Trinity. A lot of people come from Victoria, but there are many who come from interstate and overseas too – we’ve got residents from Darwin, Perth, Beijing and Jakarta, just to name a few. There’s a mix of people from the city and the country – some grew up in the city ‘burbs while others grew up on farms in rural Australia.

Our students also come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Our generous scholarship program means students from all walks of life have the chance to join our community, and nearly 30% of our students receive some kind of financial assistance.

Around 10% of our residents identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. We have dedicated Indigenous programs to support these students and to promote Indigenous culture amongst non-Indigenous Australians.

We have a mix of students who have family connections to Trinity (meaning their mum, dad, uncle or grandparents may have come here) and those who are the first in their family (some are the first in their family to attend university, not just college).

We don’t discriminate on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome at Trinity.

What all our students do have in common is a desire to excel academically and to make the most their time at university and in life more generally. We attract students who were actively involved in their schools and communities and who are open-minded and ready to make friends and lifelong connections.

Is Trinity College for both males and females?

Yes, Trinity is co-educational, so we accept male, female, transgender and non-binary students.

Is there disability access?

Yes, we cater for students with disabilities and will work with individuals to make living at Trinity as easy and comfortable as possible.

Are meals provided?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea are provided seven days a week during the university semester and we cater for all dietary requirements.

Read more about the food at Trinity College.

What do I need to bring to college?

Just pack your doona/duvet, bed sheets, towels, clothes, toiletries, and personal items to decorate your room such as photos, cushions and posters. Rooms are fully furnished so you don’t need to bring any furniture and they also include a fridge, fan and heater.

Do I need to bring formal wear?

It’s true, there are some parallels between Trinity College and Hogwarts! Our students wear long black gowns to dinner in our beautiful Dining Hall from Monday to Thursday. You don’t need to wear anything fancy to dinner though, unless it’s a special occasion.

We have some events throughout the year where you’ll get to dress up, such as balls and dinners. If you have a suit or cocktail dress we encourage you to bring it along. There’s often the opportunity to rent or borrow an outfit too if you need it for a special occasion.

What are the rooms like at Trinity College?

Our rooms vary in size (first year rooms are typically smaller than second and third year rooms), but all are very comfortable. Rooms come fully furnished and include a fridge, fan and heater, and you can decorate them as you like.

Will I get my own room?

Yes, everyone has their own room with secure swipe card access. Your private room is located in a corridor with other student rooms and shared bathrooms. Corridors tend to be a mix of year levels and genders, and the other students in your corridor often become like your family as you get to spend a lot of time together studying and socialising. Of course, how much you socialise is up to you and having your own room means you have a private space when you need it.

Can I choose my room?

Unfortunately not. A committee of staff and students allocates rooms, and preference is giving to those who have been at the college the longest and those with leadership responsibilities. You are welcome to put forward your preferences though and we will do the best to accommodate these.

Do I have to clean my room?

Your room is your responsibility and there are vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products available to use. Common areas, including bathrooms, are regularly cleaned by professional cleaners.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

In most cases, yes. There are a few rooms with en suites but most students share a bathroom with other members of their corridor. These are cleaned by professional cleaning staff.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes, students have access to free washing machines and dryers. All you need to bring is your washing detergent. Each student room also comes with a clothes rack.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately Fido and Milo won’t be able to join you at Trinity. No pets are permitted in your room.

Is there a gym at Trinity College?

From 2020 there will be a small gym on-site in our new residential building. Trinity students can also use the University of Melbourne gym and fitness centre, which includes group fitness classes and an indoor pool and is only a couple of minutes’ walk from the college.

Is there student parking?

If you have a car you can apply for a parking permit, but parking spaces are extremely limited and preference is given to students who are required to travel for their studies. There are some off-site parking options in the area.

Many places are easily accessible by public transport, cycling or walking so we advise against bringing a car unless absolutely necessary.

Is there somewhere to store my bike?

Yes. Bikes can be kept in the designated bike racks or in student rooms.

Is there public transport nearby?

There sure is. The #19 tram stops right outside our front gate and goes directly to the city. A number of other tram lines pass the University of Melbourne and there are also bus stops nearby. The closest train stations are Melbourne Central and North Melbourne. 

Is the college campus safe?

The gates to our grounds are locked after hours, so only those with swipe cards can access the grounds (you’ll get a card if you are a student). There is also a security guard on duty after hours and a resident tutor and senior student lives in each corridor. These people are there for you if you need assistance. A senior staff member is always available when needed too.

All student rooms have automatic locks and swipe card access.

Trinity College is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment. If students or staff witness any inappropriate behaviour on campus, they can report it to Trinity staff or the University of Melbourne's Anonymous Register.

Do I need permission to go out?

Once you’re at uni you deserve to be treated like an adult, so it’s up to you when and if you want to go out. Trinity College students have electronic swipe access to the grounds so you can come and go at any time.

Is there a big party culture?

Colleges sometimes have a reputation for being all about partying. Some of our students do like to attend parties, but participation is entirely voluntary and our residents also tend to be studious and care about doing well at university and their sporting and cultural pursuits too. We treat our students as adults, yet ask that everyone respects our code of conduct. This ensures everyone gets to live and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Can I have a friend stay overnight?

You may occasionally invite one guest to stay overnight. Guests must be signed in for security reasons.

How many years do people stay at college?

The number of years people stay at college varies. Many of our students choose to stay a second year, and some stay for three or more. You need to let the college know towards the end of the year if you intend to stay for the following year and preference is given to returning students.

What if I start at college then decide I don’t like it?

Most people who join the Trinity community love it, so it’s very rare that a student will want to leave early. That said, we know college isn’t for everyone and sometimes other life events pop up too. Withdrawals and refunds are dealt with on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Dean of the Residential College.

Do I have to pass my university subjects to stay at college?

Yes, you’ll need to maintain good grades to stay at college. If you’re struggling to keep up with your studies, however, we’re there to help you out in the first instance. Our free tutorial program means you can get personalised assistance with each of your subjects, and our academic staff can help counsel and guide you if need help transitioning into another course that might better suit you. We want to see you succeed, so withdrawing your place at college is always a last resort.

Are the academic tutorials at Trinity compulsory?

Our free tutorials are completely voluntary, however they are strongly recommended. This is particularly true for first year students, as tutorials help you understand your course material and assessment requirements and let you ask plenty of questions as you settle in to life as a tertiary student. Tutorials are also a good way to meet other students doing the same subjects as you.

Are there quiet places to study?

Your room has a chair and desk to study at, then you’ll also have access to the college library (which is open 24/7), tutorial and common rooms, and the dining room.

Everyone tends to be very respectful around exam time so you’ll always be able to find a quiet space when you need to study. 

What happens if I get sick or injured?

If you are not well you can contact the resident tutor or senior student in your corridor, or you can see the college nurse. The nurse will then refer you on to get further medical assistance if required. The Dean of the Residential College lives on campus so there’s always a senior staff member nearby if you need assistance.

Do you have to be Anglican (Church of England) to come to Trinity?

While Trinity College has Anglican foundations and a Theological School on-site, students of any or no faith are welcome to attend. The Trinity Chapel has regular services and is open to all.

We have students with many different beliefs at Trinity and it’s entirely up to you whether you want to explore your faith at college or not.

Got more questions? Email us at admissions@trinity.unimelb.edu.au