From the Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne

Trinity College continues to present a vibrant, collegiate experience closely linked with the University of Melbourne.

In seeking to become one of the finest universities in the world, the University deeply values the many contributions - academic and strategic - made by Trinity, which has been part of our campus community since 1876.

During its 145 year history, Trinity College has been responsible for supporting 23,000 alumni through their studies at the University of Melbourne. Every year, Trinity champions the best interests of 2,000 students who are either undertaking tertiary studies or pursuing entry to the University.

Introduced in 1990, Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) provides an important pathway for international students seeking entry to the University. The Trinity College Foundation Studies program is noted for its high academic standards, extensive student support services, and focus on teaching critical and creative thinking. Students undertaking the program are well prepared for success at university.

In 2009, a Bachelor of Arts Extended program for Indigenous students was founded by Trinity and the University of Melbourne, followed by a Bachelor of Science Extended program in 2015. These programs provide an important pathway for Indigenous students to access higher education and to thrive during their time at University. Students taking part in the program have demonstrated significant academic improvement.

For over 145 years, the University of Melbourne and Trinity College continue to work together to provide a world-class education for students from throughout Australia and the wider world. 

I encourage you to consider the many outstanding educational opportunities that Trinity College offers.

Professor Glyn Davis, AC

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne