Fellows and Senior Fellows

Fellowship of the College is the highest honour that the College can bestow.


Honorary Fellows are elected by the College Council. Election is for life (see the list below of Former Fellows), or until elevated to the status of Senior Fellow. The number of Fellows is limited to 30 at any one time. The Fellows of Trinity College are a select group of international community, academic, business and professional leaders.

2014   Ms Rowena Armstrong, AO, QC
2010   The Hon. Austin Asche, AC, KStJ, QC
2014   Dr Graeme Blackman, OAM
2009   Mr David Brownbill, AM
2002   Mr W B ‘Barry’ Capp, AM
2017   Dr Barbara Cargill
2001   The Most Revd Dr Peter Carnley, AC
2010   Mr Robert Champion de Crespigny, AC
2015   Mr Laurie Cox, AO
2014   The Rt Revd Andrew Curnow, AM
2004   Professor Derek Denton, AC
2012   Professor C. Ian Donaldson
2017   Ms Margot Foster, AM
2009   Mrs Louise Gourlay, OAM
2014   Associate Professor Alison Inglis
2009   Dr Michael ‘Taffy’ Jones, AM, PSM
2012   Professor Marcia Langton, AM
2005   Dr Susan Lim
2005   Ms Fay Marles, AM
2015   Professor Peter McPhee, AM
2012   Dr N. Bruce Munro
2017   Adjunct Professor Clare Pullar
2012   Dr Roger Riordan, AM
2005   Professor Richard Smallwood, AO
2012   Mr Clive Smith
2002   Ms Diana Smith
2009   Dr Denis White

Senior Fellows

Under new provisions of the Constitution adopted on 29 October 2009, the Council may elect to the status of Senior Fellow a person who has been an honorary Fellow of the College for not less than ten years, and who has played a distinguished part in the life of the College.

2017   Associate Professor Anthony Buzzard (elected Fellow in 1997)
2011   Sir Roderick Carnegie, AC (elected Fellow 1980)
2017   Mr Bill Cowan, AM (elected Fellow in 1997)
2017   Mr Rob Clemente (elected Fellow in 1997)
2012   Mr Robert Cripps, AM (elected Fellow 1984)
2011   Mr Alan Cuthbertson (elected Fellow 1980)
2010   The Rt Revd James Grant, AM (elected Fellow 1975)
2015   The Rt Revd Dr Peter Hollingworth, AC, OBE (elected Fellow 1998)
2017   Professor Richard Larkins, AO (elected Fellow in 1997)
2012   Mr Brian Loton, AC (elected Fellow 1990)
2010   Professor John Poynter, AO, OBE (elected Fellow 1965)
2012   The Hon. Clive Tadgell, AO, QC (elected Fellow 1993)
2015   Dr Mechai Viravaidya, AO (elected Fellow 1997)
2015   Mr Richard Woolcott, AC (elected Fellow 1996)

Former Fellows

1980   Dame Margaret Blackwood, DBE (†1986)
1980   Sir John Bunting, KBE (†1995)
1997   The Revd Dr Evan Burge (†2003)
1974   Sir Joseph Burke, KBE  (†1992)
1982   Professor Manning Clark, AC (†1991)
1980   Sir Rupert Clarke, AM, MBE (†2005)
1994   The Rt Revd Robert Dann (†2008)
1980   Professor Peter Dennison (†1989)
1980   Sir Clive Fitts (†1984)
1992   Mr John Gourlay, AM  (†2007)
1980   The Hon Sir Rupert Hamer, AC, KCMG, ED (†2004)
1980   Sir Edmund Herring, KCMG, KBE, DSO, MC, ED, QC (†1982)
1980   Dr John Hueston (†1993)
1984   Dr Peter Jones (†1995)
1998   Miss Valentine Leeper (†2001)
2000   Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, AC, DBE (†2012)
1998   Mr James Perry (†2007)
1989   Mr Robert Sanderson, DFC (†2008)
1980   The Hon. Sir Reginald Sholl (†1988)
2000   Mr Michael Thwaites, AO (†2005)
1982   Sir Lance Townsend (†1983)
1992   Professor Kevin Westfold (†2001)
1980   The Most Revd Sir Frank Woods, KBE (†1992)

Former Senior Fellows

2011   Professor Alan Shaw, AO (elected Fellow 1980) (†2012)
2011   Professor Robin Sharwood, AM (elected Fellow 1980) (†2015)
2012   Mr James Guest, AM, OBE, VRD (elected Fellow 1984) (†2015)
2012   Sir Brian Inglis, AC (elected Fellow 1990) (†2014)