Foundation Studies Scholarships

Our scholarships and awards celebrate your talent and commitment to your education. 

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'The people are the most memorable part of Trinity College. I always felt welcome in such a harmonious community. I have had the pleasure of being taught by experienced, helpful teachers, who not only helped in academic situations, but made sure I developed skills that I wouldn’t have normally found in a textbook.' – Tracelyn Victoria Tardjono, October Fast Track 2018



In 2019, Trinity College is awarding 40 scholarships that cover 25% or 50% of tuition fees for new Foundation Studies students. Scholarships are awarded competitively on the basis of academic merit. Eligible students will be chosen from each Foundation Studies program, and by their geographic region. 

To be eligible, you’ll have excellent high school results, be not permanently living in Australia as a resident, and will need to submit a completed Trinity College Foundation Studies application

There’s no need to apply for a separate application for scholarship, as your Trinity College application will form the basis of the decision. 

Here are the upcoming selection rounds (there are a designated number of scholarships per round):

  • November 2019 for the January to March 2020 intakes
  • April 2020 for the July 2020 intakes
  • May 2020 for the August 2020 intakes
  • July 2020 for the October 2020 intakes

Scholarships are awarded prior to an intake commencing only and if you’re successful in being offered a place at Trinity College, you’ll be notified by email within two weeks of the selection round being held.

For more information about Trinity College Foundation Studies scholarships, get in touch with our authorised overseas representatives.

Australia-Indonesia Academic Scholarships

Thousands of Indonesian students have enrolled in Foundation Studies at Trinity College over the past 30 years. To recognise the special relationship between the College and Indonesia, Trinity is offering life-changing scholarships to four Indonesian students every year who want to study at the University of Melbourne. These scholarships will commence in 2020. Trinity College Australia-Indonesia Academic Scholarships are currently only open to Trinity’s partner schools in Indonesia.

Applicants must be currently enrolled in one of Trinity’s partner schools and fulfil these criteria:

  • be citizens of Indonesia
  • be between 17–19 years of age
  • be completing SMA 3
  • have completed five academic subjects with grade 85 or higher
  • meet the English language requirements for entry into Trinity College Foundation Studies
  • be from a low or average-income household and be able to demonstrate that they do not have the financial means to pay for an international education
  • demonstrate exceptional academic potential and outstanding personal qualities.

Value and duration

This scholarship is valued at approximately $300,000 (AUD) over four years, making it one of the most generous academic scholarships in Australia.

What’s included

  • Fully funded Foundation Studies year at Trinity College, including accommodation
  • Fully funded three-year undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne (studies can be in any field)
  • Residential accommodation at Trinity College for the duration of a three-year undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne (including all meals, on-site tutorials and facilities including a library, dining hall and café)
  • Additional funding to cover airfares and living allowances

What next?

If you are a student from one of Trinity’s partner schools in Indonesia, please contact your school principal or student counsellor for more information. Your school will help you prepare the required documentation to apply for this scholarship.