Trinity College is proud to award a diverse range of scholarships to recognise achievement and reward students of exceptional promise.

Our Scholarships

Thanks to the generous and far-sighted support of Trinity alumni, donors and friends, and the successful operation of the College, each year we provide more than $3 million in scholarships across our Pathways School, Residential College and Theological School, and the program is growing. By 2023, we intend to offer up to $8 million of financial assistance annually in the form of more than 500 scholarships across the College.

Our scholarships range in value and are designed to enable students of exceptional promise, no matter their background, to have access to Trinity College and the educational opportunities it offers. Through the program, we are able to share our passion for education, equity and innovation, welcoming deserving students into our vibrant and supportive College community. 

A first step towards joining our Trinity community is to register your interest today and to visit us on Open Day.

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