Staying At Trinity

Students are in residence at Trinity College for the duration of their program. Programs are held during University vacation periods so participants are able to experience the supportive environment enjoyed by Trinity's residental students.


What Trinity Provides

Included in the cost of all our programs:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • all transport during the scheduled program
  • airport transfers to and from Trinity College for students arriving on flights at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
  • all materials required for the course
  • all linen including sheets, blankets, pillow and towels
  • laundries with washing machines, dryers, irons, washing powder
  • internet username and password
  • WIFI + computer room with internet facilities.


All students stay in a Trinity College dorm room, sharing with one other student of the same gender from their course. Males and females will be in separate buildings on the campus. Each floor is supervised by at least two mentors. On each floor there is a shared bathroom with toilets and showers and a laundry. In the evenings and on weekends, Trinity College has its own security guard to ensure the safety of the students.


All meals are provided, including some outside the College as part of excursions or the extracurricular program. Students with special dietary needs should inform the College of their requirements prior to arrival.

Telephone and Internet

The College provides a networked computer laboratory for the use of students. Personal laptops may be connected to the network for students who provide their own LAN cable for connection. Students are provided with a user account for access to online resources and a data download quota that covers reasonable email and internet activity during the program. Students who exceed the allocated quota may incur additional costs.

There are telephones in each room which parents can contact students on. They are only available for dial-in purposes. Trinity recommends that students purchase a prepaid mobile card to assist them to manage their telephone expenses.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers will be organised for studentsflying to and from Melbourne. These transfers are included in the fees. On arrival at Melbourne Airport, a Young Leaders mentor will meet students in the relevant Arrivals Hall (after clearing Customs, where applicable). They will be holding a sign that reads: Young Leaders Programs, which will also show the Trinity College logo. Students will then be escorted back to Trinity College to register.

Passports and Visas

Students travelling from overseas should ensure that their passports are valid for the entire period they will be in Australia. A visitor visa is normally required, and should be valid for the entire program. It is important that these documents are correct and obtained as soon as possible.  Any delay in applying may impact on your ability to attend. Find out more information and locate your closest Australian mission.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included in the course fees. All international students must obtain suitable travel insurance for the duration of their stay. This is to ensure they are covered for any medical expenses, cancellation fees and loss of luggage while in Australia. Students will need to arrange travel insurance in their home country prior to arriving in Australia. Australian students do not require travel insurance as they are covered under Medicare. 

Immigration and Customs Regulations

Passengers on flights into Australia will be given an Incoming Passenger Card that includes a Customs Declaration. Customs regulations are strict, and you must declare if you are carrying any goods or items listed on the form, including food, plant material or animal products. If you are unsure about what you can or cannot bring into Australia, you are encouraged to contact your nearest Australian mission or the Customs office.

While there is no requirement to do so, some students may wish to bring laptop computers. According to Customs, students may bring laptops and similar electronic equipment duty-free into Australia provided Customs is satisfied these will be taken with them on departure.


All students in the Young Leaders programs at Trinity are allocated into a group of approximately 10 students with a mentor who helps them to settle quickly in to the course and life at College. Mentors are all high-achieving University of Melbourne undergraduate and graduate students who have been specifically trained to provide support and guidance, and they take a special interest in the student’s overall adjustment during the program. Mentors are readily accessible, and are actively involved in many aspects of the course. 

Young Leaders mentors are carefully selected for their ability to be a positive role model. Mentors help to run the extracurricular activities, including trivia night and cultural night, karaoke night. Such activities provide opportunities to get to know other students and help all to enrich their learning experience. 

Student welfare

For many students in the Young Leaders program, their stay at Trinity may be their first experience of life away from home. The College does all it can to ensure that students feel personally supported and encouraged to participate in all that is on offer. 

Staff from the Young Leaders School – including the mentors and the School’s Director – live at the College throughout the course. This makes them available to provide assistance and advice to the students at all times. The College is a secure facility, protected by 24-hour security personnel in addition to resident staff and student mentors.

All excursions, academic and extracurricular, are fully supervised by appropriately qualified staff. The College also actively encourages students to develop new friendships as well as care for each other as a community. Students who experience homesickness or issues of personal adjustment should initially seek assistance from their mentor or the Director.While it is rarely necessary, students may be referred to other College support staff, including chaplains and counsellors.

Clothing Requirements

At College, clothing should be comfortable and casual. Students dress casually on campus – jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, etc, are standard dress items. More formal dress will be needed for the valedictory dinner. Formal wear may include:

  • clothes worn to a special occasion, including a shirt and tie, a suit, or cocktail dress

  • a special uniform, such as those worn to a school function or graduation

  • a form of national dress.

Weather in Melbourne, in both summer and winter, can be very variable, so you should plan to dress in layers that can be removed or added to, with a thicker jacket on hand if the weather turns cool.

December Programs

December is summer in Melbourne, and light clothing is recommended. Please note, however, that some days and nights you may require warmer clothing. 

July Programs

July is winter in Melbourne, and very warm clothing is recommended. Students need to bring clothes suitable for cool to cold weather, as well as wet weather conditions (night/day temperature ranges from 5–18°C). All enrolled students receive a list of recommended clothing items prior to their arrival at Trinity.