Academic Streams

Academic streams

Our academic streams align with the University of Melbourne’s undergraduate degrees. They
are designed to give students an idea of where their future studies might take them. Students have the opportunity to attend classes on the University of Melbourne campus, study with university lecturers and prepare for tertiary study.


For those interested in studying a Bachelor of Arts degree, this stream will give you a fascinating insight into the world of the humanities and social sciences. You will learn about the diverse world in which we live by exploring the psychology of being human and what makes you think and behave the way you do; the role of media and communications and how it impacts our everyday choices; develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of society and culture; gain insights into criminal behaviour and the difficulties associated with eye witness memory and testimony; and be introduced to a world of wonder and play through drama. Our innovative and highly interactive workshops are designed to inspire your passion in the arts and further develop key learning skills such as reflective and independent thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, and evidence based decision making. This stream will leave you with connections, stories, and a greater understanding of the diverse subject choices that are offered in a Bachelor of Arts degree.


This stream has been designed for students who are intrigued by human behaviour, fascinated by the human mind, and have a particular interest in abnormal behaviour and mental illness. Adopting a scientific framework to understanding what it means to be human, the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to human behaviour will be investigated and a range of mental illnesses discussed in terms of their causes, symptomatology, and evidence based treatment approaches. Historical considerations and changing perceptions of both acceptable and unacceptable human behaviour will be explored as well as the implications of being diagnosed with a mental illness today. Highly interactive workshops will facilitate a greater understanding of the complexities of being human and include visits to the Melbourne Museum, the Dax Centre, and the opportunity to participate in a tour of a historical lunatic asylum (home for the criminally insane). For those wanting to step out of their comfort zone, a treetop adventure awaits where you can navigate a ropes course and zipline adventure high up in the trees in the stunning Dandenong Ranges. The Program will be delivered by qualified psychologists in order to provide students with a realistic, first hand, and insightful experience into the world of mental illness.


Interested in the world of business? This stream will explore the fields of accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. It will delve into the importance of teamwork in business and how to develop effective business networks to give you an industry edge. Personal branding and leadership in business will also be a focus for this stream. This stream provides an ideal introduction for students who are interested in pursuing a career in business or commerce.


Do you have you an idea for a story but don’t know how to put it into words? Want to develop vocal confidence and expression in a live setting? Want to cultivate your passion for digital or mass media and the English language? This intensive is built around the four core skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The focus will be practical, skill based learning in verbal communication, creative writing and critical thinking workshops led by industry experts from a range of literary arts disciplines. Throw yourself into a world of storytelling, analytical writing, and vocabulary through experiences that are designed to support and inspire you at whatever stage you are at in your creative and English language development. All of this takes place in a fun and interactive learning environment, including visits to some of the iconic sites in Melbourne where contemporary writing and communication happen. 


Looking for opportunities to discover and develop the artist and performer within? Want to make connections with other young people who have a passion for the performing and creative arts? In this fast paced intensive stream the emphasis will be on skill development, group performances, and art and music making in a caring and supportive environment. This stream will challenge your artistic, musical, and creative expression, help you to bring text to life, and learn about arts leadership. Participate in fun and engaging projects led by arts industry professionals, while learning how to develop and share your original ideas with others. Develop your confidence and spontaneity to give you the creative edge. Melbourne is a vibrant cultural hub and this is your chance to become a participant as we visit the city’s iconic theatres, galleries, and arts precincts.


Explore the world of medicine and medical research including genetics, human physiology, human structure, and function – discover what the Bachelor of Biomedicine is all about. Students will investigate the issues pertinent to our world today and look at the rapidly changing areas of genetics and bioethics. Students will perform dissections of an eye, brain, and heart, visit the renowned Anatomy Museum at the University of Melbourne, and participate in a workshop session at the College of Surgeons.


This stream is designed for students who are passionate about envisioning a fair and just world or wanting to become a leader of global change. Human rights principles and theories of social justice will be explored, as well as a number of specific local and global issues affecting the world today such as youth homelessness, poverty, and gender inequality. World-class leaders in social justice will lead highly interactive workshops and discussions, and guest speakers will provide a firsthand account of their struggles to achieve the same freedoms afforded to the majority. A walking street tour will explore the prevalence and impact of youth homelessness in Melbourne, and excursions to William Ricketts Sanctuary and CERES Community Environmental Park are designed to give students a greater appreciation of the need for social change and the realisation that it just takes one person to make a small yet significant difference in the world. 


In this stream you will develop an understanding of legal, social, and ethical issues in law and justice. Find out how the law affects our daily lives and how we interact with it. This stream covers the areas of corporate, civil, and criminal law; through dispute resolution and negotiation simulation, juvenile justice, and advocacy. Students will meet professionals in the field, obeserve a case firsthand by visiting the local magistrates or county court, and take part in their very own practice moot court. For students interested in a career in law, this stream is the perfect introduction. 


This stream targets students who want to build leadership skills or are thinking of taking various leadership positions within their school community or future career. Through practical workshops led by professional practitioners, students will explore what it means to be a leader, why they want to be a leader, and how they might effectively lead a team using different leadership styles. Furthermore, students will take a challenging and rewarding journey that focuses on building self confidence and enhances their communication skills by working in small teams and preparing a leadership presentation to the entire group by the end of the week. This stream provides students with the opportunity to explore self motivation, accountability, and being empathetic towards others. Students will also reflect and examine their own values and strengths and understand how to create their own personal branding in order to shape themselves and their future careers. By the end of the week, students will have learnt tips, tools, and tricks on how to work effectively in a group and how to acquire leadership skills that they can utilise within their local community. Skills that essentially can be used for life!


If you are thinking about studying a Bachelor of Science, this stream gives you a taste of science and engineering majors – chemical and biomedical engineering, electrical and mechanical systems, aerospace engineering, and physics. Students will take a look at how society is progressing in the world of technology, in particular the advancement of solar cell technology, and discover the amazing innovations made in astronomy, science, and engineering. Students visit Scienceworks, participate in a robotics workshop, and make their own solar cells and rockets.


Are you interested in designing cities that foster a sustainable future? Currently over 50% of the global population live in cities and this is predicted to be over 70% by 2050. We need to ensure that our cities are places that are sustainable, resilient, and liveable. We will explore what these terms mean and why they are essential for our future. What design elements are important in the cities of the future? How can buildings be designed to be energy and water efficient and a pleasure to work in? What is the significance of parkland in cities? What design features are needed in our parks and gardens? How can waste be managed in a sustainable way? These themes will be investigated through a mixture of highly interactive and innovative workshops, seminars, and fieldtrips to parks and gardens, energy efficient buildings, waste management centres, and much more. This stream will leave you with a taste of the diverse choices offered in the Bachelor of Design degree at the University of Melbourne.