Theology Scholarships

Trinity College Theological School is dedicated to educating leaders for the broad Anglican church. 

Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are available to support undergraduate and graduate theological study, training for ordained and lay ministry and research degrees undertaken at Trinity and the University of Divinity.

Thanks to the generous and far-sighted support of Trinity alumni, donors and friends the Theological School is able to award a number of scholarships.

The Joan Adams Scholarships In Theology

Founded in 2016, the Joan Adams Scholarships are used to attract outstanding students to study theology at the School. A particular focus is on applicants who have the ability to provide leadership in the academic environment of the College, and in the wider Church, both during the term of the scholarship, and during their subsequent careers.

Applications for the 2019 Joan Adams Scholarship will close on 30 November 2018.

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Resident Theological Scholarships

Trinity offers two Residential College scholarships for undergraduate students studying at the University of Divinity. Living on campus provides a wonderful opportunity to be formed in Christian ministry in a stimulating, supportive environment. Applicants will be studying full time and will actively contribute to the Chapel and worship life of the College. For consideration, please submit a resume with a covering letter, along with a recommendation from your parish minister, to the Registrar of the Theological School. Nominations are reviewed by the Dean of the Theological School and then sent to the Dean of the Residential College.

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Other Scholarships

  • The Geoff and Edith Pitcher Scholarships
  • The Susan Sandford Scholarship
  • The Rosemary Young Scholarship for female students only.

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Studentships For Ordinands

Trinity has funds available to assist in the training of candidates for ordained ministry. In general, these funds are not distributed to individual students as financial support but are used to offset the cost of fees for the Formation Program and other non-university training that is undertaken at Trinity. These funds include:

  • The Albury Studentship for support of candidates from the Diocese of Wangaratta only (may include stipend)
  • The Florinda Anderson Studentship for the education of deserving students from the Diocese of Ballarat
  • The Bishop's, Payne, Rupertswood and Florence Stanbridge studentships for the promotion of learning amongst candidates for Holy Orders from the Diocese of Melbourne (preferably later-year students who have passed Greek)
  • The Nigel and Margery Herring Studentship (2011) for a candidate for ordination with financial need.
  • The Kew (1878), Marley (1887) and Combedown (1898) studentships for candidates in the Diocese of Melbourne.
  • The Richard Grice (1879), Henty (1879), Moorhouse (1921) and Frank Woods (1977) Studentships to train candidates for Holy Orders within any one of the several Dioceses in the Province of Victoria.
  • The Upton-Everest (1963), A.V. Green (1964), A.F. Tweedie (1964), Esmond Sutton (1980), Daisy Searby (1983), Sydney Smith (1986), Alfred Bird (1998) and John Liversidge (2012) studentships to assist the training of candidates for the Anglican Ministry.
  • The A.M. White Studentship (1943) for 'protestant' candidates for admission to Holy Orders who are in financial need.
  • The Joseph Burke Studentship (1993) for a student of Theology.

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Klingner Scholarship (St Peter's Eastern Hill)

Founded in 1975, this scholarship supports members of the St Peter’s Guild of Servers or “other suitable candidates” in training for Holy Orders through Trinity College. The recipient will be expected to connect with and contribute to St Peter’s Eastern Hill during the year, for example, by means of a placement.

Applications for 2019 Klingner Scholarship close on Monday 22 October 2018.

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How to Apply

Unless otherwise specified, scholarship applications are called for in November each year. If you are unable to study without financial assistance, you should write to the Registrar at the earliest opportunity to place your name on the list for consideration.

Download the 2019 Scholarship Application

All scholarship applications for 2019 must be submitted by Friday 30 November 2018
For more information contact the Registrar at

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