Residential Fees

Residential fees cover full board including all meals, heating, electricity, provision of College tutorials and other academic programs, sport and cultural activities and some social events.

The following table shows the residential fee structure for 2018. The schedule applies to students residing at the College for the full academic year. Undergraduates are in residence for 36 weeks (two 18-week semesters including exam periods and term breaks). A separate schedule of fees applies to those students on a Study Abroad or Exchange program, or those who are seeking residence for one semester only.

Wherever possible, it is expected that students will remain in residence for the full year. If you are going on overseas exchange or completing your university studies mid-year, please contact the College for fee details.

There are three payment options available for full-year students:

  • Option A: a single payment of the full year’s fee of $29,545
  • Option B: pay in two instalments totalling $29,994
  • Option C: pay in six instalments totalling $30,594

The payment alternatives and due dates for each instalment are shown in the following table:

Payment Option


Due Date

A: Full year in advance


2 February




B: First of two instalments


2 February

B: Second of two instalments


20 June




C: First of six instalments


2 February

C: Second of six instalments


20 March

C: Third of six instalments


20 April

C: Fourth of six instalments


20 June

C: Fifth of six instalments


20 July

C: Sixth of six instalments


20 August


Please note the following rates apply to credit card payments to the College: Domestic Credit Cards 0.4%, International Credit Cards 2.8%, AMEX 1.65%.

The College provides this range of payment options to assist budgeting for residence and encourage the timely payment of College fees. Families in demonstrated financial need with concerns about paying the fees are encouraged to discuss their situation in confidence with the Dean of the Residential College at the earliest opportunity.

Contact the Dean of the Residential College by email or T: +61 3 9348 7100

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All students moving into residence at Trinity for the first time are required to pay a bond of $500 in addition to College fees. The bond will be refunded when the student leaves the College permanently, subject to:

  • the student's room being left in good condition

  • the return of all College property, including access cards and library books

  • there being no outstanding balance on their account.