Campus Life

Trinity College has a range of approved accommodation options and works closely with accommodation providers to ensure students have a safe and secure environment to live in.

The Accommodation Office provides advice and information to students and their families on a range of accommodation options, to assist students to make the best possible accommodation choice.

The most popular accommodation options vary in style, standard and cost. 

Accommodation options vary for students under 18 and over 18 years of age. 


All U18 students are required to go directly to their pre arranged accommodation on arrival in Australia. The student and family are welcome to apply for an interim stay away from the accommodation. This can be done after arrival and check in. The family will need to visit the Welfare Office located at 200 Victoria St, Carlton.

They will need to bring the following items:

  • Parents passport & Visa
  • Confirmed hotel booking
  • Parents travel Itinerary and return air ticket.

Change of Address and Contact Details

Upon arriving in Australia you are required to advise us of your residential and email address, mobile number, including who to contact in an emergency situation. Any subsequent changes to these contact details must be updated within seven days in accordance with student visa condition 8533. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you always update your contact details at least every 6 months at Trinity to ensure you receive important information. 

Under 18 Students : In accordance with visa condition 8532, under eighteen students must seek approval from Trinity College before changing their accommodation arrangements.