Intake Information

There are a range of intake options to suit all students depending on their previous studies and tertiary aspirations.

The duration of the Trinity College Foundation Studies program varies according to the academic and English language needs of the individual student. Experienced Admissions Managers assess each applicant and issue a Letter of Offer to the intake best suited to their particular needs.

The main program is held over a 12-month period, but extended options are available for students with particular academic needs or interests to take specialist courses before joining a main program.

February Main and August Main intakes:

  • the majority of students are placed in one of these two intakes
  • course duration of approximately one year
  • two semesters of study with three two-week breaks.

July Fast Track and October Fast Track intakes:

  • higher academic and English entry requirements than for the Main intakes

  • course involves 7–8 months of intensive study

  • two semesters of study with two short breaks.

January Main Plus and July Main Plus intakes:

  • bridging course for students requiring additional preparation in English, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry
  • five-week program prior to the Main intakes
  • joins Semester 1 of the Main intake that follows.

March Extended and August Extended intakes:

  • allows students from some countries to commence the program at a different phase of their secondary schooling by consolidating their language and some other curriculum areas
  • 20-week program prior to the Main intakes 
  • joins Semester 1 of the Main intake that follows