Course Information

The Trinity College Foundation Studies curriculum is specifically designed to give students a foundation for success at the best Australian and overseas universities.



A Unique Curriculum

The university environment requires students to speak in front of others; work in groups; develop an argument; and be creative, constructive, analytical and critical. The academic skills and critical thinking outcomes of the core curriculum give students the confidence and ability to achieve success in their future studies. 


Students study five subjects, comprising two compulsory core subjects and three electives. The unique core curriculum is specifically for developing intellectual breadth.

Elective subjects are chosen depending upon the student’s particular areas of study interest at the University of Melbourne. Certain electives such as Mathematics 1 and science subjects are prerequisites for entry to some faculties at the University, and students will need to have prior knowledge of the subject.


These intakes allow students from some countries to commence the program at a different phase of their secondary schooling. (They effectively replace the final year of schooling in their home country.) Over 20 weeks, students consolidate and develop their language skills and other curriculum areas to provide opportunity for success in the following Main Program.

Note: Mathematics 2, Media and Communications and Music cannot be taken within this intake. 

*no prior knowledge of the subject required

Core Subjects


  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

  • Drama

  • English Literature

History of Ideas

More information about core subjects 

Elective Subjects

Students study three elective subjects from the following selection:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Environments & Development
  • Design
  • Mathematics 1
  • Mathematics 2
  • Media & Communications
  • Music (Practical)
  • Physics 
  • Psychology

Students selecting Mathematics 2 must also select Mathematics 1. Availability of electives may be subject to student numbers in smaller intakes. Prerequisite subjects will always be offered.

More information about Foundation Studies elective subjects.


All subjects are assessed by a combination of tests, work throughout the year and a final exam. Assessment is designed to enable students to achieve results that show their full potential, and may vary from year to year.

Reports are made available to parents or guardians through a secure parents portal, and a copy given to the student.