Academic Program

One of the best Australian Foundation Studies Programs, Trinity College prepares more than 1,500 international students each year for success at the University of Melbourne and other leading Australian universities.


Based on Trinity’s philosophy that a true education develops the whole person by stimulating curiosity and openness to new learning and ideas, the generalist Foundation Studies program produces graduates who are informed, critical, self-reflective and morally aware. We aim to be the best foundation studies program in Australia, providing the best bridging year for international students that you expect from a premier academic institution.

The course develops confidence and creativity in students and equips them to discover, extend and express themselves, as well as to achieve their personal, vocational and social goals. Students comprehend the world, relate well to others, and are high academic achievers. 

Students learn in university-style lectures and tutorials, and participate in a broad program of extracurricular activities.  

Because individual expression is valued and encouraged, students gain a unique educational and intellectual advantage that underpins all their future learning.  

Focus on University of Melbourne entry

Foundation Studies students receive individual guidance on the best pathway to the University of Melbourne course of their choice. As well as undertaking the two core curriculum subjects, students study three electives from the 12 on offer at Foundation Studies. 

Staff advisers ensure students have an individual program that places them in the best possible position to be offered a place in the course of their choice at the University of Melbourne. This means students study the required prerequisite subjects and have every opportunity to attain the TCFS score that will guarantee them admission.

Trinity and the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is recognised as a leading international university throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, and is Australia's No.1 ranked university. (Times Higher Education Rankings 2018)

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is a leader in academic research, innovation, teaching and learning. 

The Trinity College Foundation Studies office is situated within the main Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne. This area is recognised as Australia’s premier knowledge precinct, with eight hospitals, many leading research institutions, and a wide range of knowledge-based industries. 

Most Foundation Studies classes are conducted at Trinity College’s main campus on Royal Parade in Parkville. However, some classes are conducted at the University of Melbourne, and in other College buildings on Royal Parade and Swanston Street, in close proximity to the University of Melbourne. 

Progression to the University of Melbourne

Graduates of Trinity College Foundation Studies are guaranteed a place in the University of Melbourne course of their choice if they satisfy the prerequisites summarised in the table below. We have an outstanding success rate of our graduates going directly to the University of Melbourne, making us a premier international pathway program in Australia. 

A score of at least 50% in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is a requirement for all courses. 

Course Guaranteed Score*                 2018 Prerequisite Subjects
(Semester 1)
75 English and Mathematics 1
(Semester 1 & 2)
80 English^ and History of Ideas^
(Semester 1 only)
91 English
Mathematics 1
(Semester 1 & 2)
86 English, Mathematics 1^ and History of Ideas
Applicants intending to commence a major in Actuarial Studies from mid-year (July) must complete Mathematics 2
(Semester 1 & 2)
Mathematics 1 is a highly recommended subject for Civil Systems, Computing, Construction, Mechanical Systems, Property and Spatial Systems. 

Environment, Development and Design is a recommended subject for the Bachelor of Design.
(Semester 1 & 2)
N/A** English, History of Ideas, Music (Practical)
Oral Health 
(Semester 1)
English and one of Biology or Chemistry 
(Semester 1 & 2)
 80 English, Mathematics 1 and one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics


English and both Mathematics 1 and 2
Fine Arts (Semester 1 only) - For students wishing to undertake Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne, enrol in any degree listed above and apply for Fine Arts once at Trinity. Additional requirements will be applicable (e.g. audition, interview, folio presentation). Note that Fine Arts is only offered in Semester 1 and has limited places for international students. 
*Guaranteed scores for entry into the University of Melbourne in 2020 is not currently available, but will be updated shortly. 
^These prerequisite subjects are included in the final best four calculation.
**Applicants must be qualified for University entry and have satisfied the portfolio and/or audition requirements. 
#Indicative score only (entry is not guaranteed). 

Find out more information about the entry scores for TCFS students into the University of Melbourne undergraduate programs.

Calculating Final Score

All students study five subjects - two complusory core subjects and three electives. The final score is calculated by taking the average best four subjects results. Indicated ^prerequisite subjects must be included in the final best four calculation.

Entry to other Universities

While the goal of most students who attend Trinity College is to move into undergraduate study at the University of Melbourne, TCFS graduates are also accepted by other major universities in Australia including: 

  • Australian National University 
  • Monash University 
  • University of Adelaide 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University of Queensland 
  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Western Australia 

Our alumni have also been accepted by a number of international institutions including:

  • Boston University (US)
  • Leicester University (UK)
  • Liverpool University (UK)
  • London College of Fashion (UK)
  • Manchester University (UK)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
  • McGill University (Canada)
  • The University of Nottingham (UK)
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