Clubs and Activities

Student leadership opportunities, extracurricular activities, excursions, information sessions, orientation activities and other events organised by the Student Services team enhance the wider learning experience of Foundation Studies students.

Student clubs offer a variety of sporting, cultural, and social activities, and simultaneously help to forge strong friendships. Staff members give generously of their time to support the various groups.

Students showcase their considerable talents in a wide range of music groups and concerts. A student committee also organises the Annual Ball, which is often the social highlight of the year.

Occasional Foundation Studies Art and Photography Exhibitions give students and staff an opportunity to display their artistic talents to their peers and these are always well received. 

Leadership opportunities

Foundation Studies students at Trinity have opportunities to develop and enhance their leadership skills by becoming involved with:

  • The Foundation Studies Student Committee (FSSC) – an elected group of students who organise extra-curricular activities and events that serve the whole student body. An important part of TCFS, the FSSC contributes greatly to the enjoyment of students during their time in Foundation Studies.
  • The Gift Committee – aims to introduce and nurture the culture of philanthropy and volunteerism among the student body. The principle of the gift is that it will benefit those who come after you.
  • The Yearbook Committee – creates a memento of their intake’s year at Trinity, through theme and content to produce a yearbook that reflects the uniqueness of their cohort.
  • The Social Committee - mainly consists of students from intakes later in the year (July onwards). This committee organises extracurricular activities and events that serve the whole student body.