Student Support

In addition to its excellent academic program, Trinity College Foundation Studies (TCFS) offers students world-class care and support and a commitment to help them be the best students and people they can be.

Tutorial classes are small, with a maximum of 15 students, and are further supported by individual mentors assigned to each student. 

The College records and monitors student attendance. Any concerns about attendance or commitment are discussed with the student to help them overcome any problems.

Students are encouraged to have an active life both inside and outside the classroom, to build on their academic and social strengths while broadening their experiences through meeting new people and engaging in a range of sporting, social and cultural activities. 

Students in the Foundation Studies course are well cared for, supported and guided throughout their time at Trinity. Adapting to new living arrangements and adjusting to moving away from the familiarity of home can sometimes leave students in need of reassurance and encouragement. Trinity’s professional staff are especially trained to provide the best care, emotional support and advice on wellbeing to students facing these changes. 

TCFS provides support through mentors, student welfare, counselling and chaplaincy staff who can address any concerns and help students meet specific challenges. 

Living Options for Foundation Studies