2 Announcing our new second campus: major infrastructure project approved

Trinity College has just committed to one of the largest infrastructure projects in the College’s history as we deliver on our promise to create a second campus for our internationally renowned Foundation Studies program.

Trinity will lease six levels in a new building to be constructed at 611 Elizabeth Street (once the historic Melford Motors building). This will allow us to consolidate our Foundation Studies teaching facilities, which are currently split across a number of buildings in Carlton and city north. Upon completion, our Foundation Studies students and more than 250 staff will have access to world-class teaching and learning facilities in close proximity to the Gateway Building on our Parkville campus and the University of Melbourne. This will enable Trinity to continue as the Foundation Studies program of choice for international students intending to study at the University of Melbourne.

We expect the facility to be ready for student and staff use in mid-2021, a year after the Residential College expansion into the north-eastern corner of our Parkville campus is completed for the start of the 2020 academic year. These projects, along with a number of other initiatives, such as our significantly expanded scholarship program, are part of Trinity’s long-term strategic plan.

Read more about our campus development projects.


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